Friday, January 22, 2016

Labyrinth directed by Jim Henson

I am fortunate enough to share a birthday with some amazing people. Elvis, Stephen Hawking, and the late, great David Bowie. His weird and wonderful has had a big impact on my life, and I thought I would honor him by reviewing one of the strangest and greatest movies of my childhood, Jim Henson's Labyrinth.

For those unfamiliar with the ridiculous costumes and big hair, Labyrinth stars a young Jennifer Connelly and she wishes that goblins would take away her annoying baby brother. The Goblin King, played by David Bowie, grants her wish. Realizing she will get in trouble and maybe also recognizing the error of her ways, Connelly must travel through the title mentioned labyrinth and storm the castle and collect her baby brother. There are also singing, nightmarish Muppets completely opposite of the Sesame Street sort.

Did I mention the clothes and hair? This is a true movie of the '80s. But what makes it so great is the fantastical story, the burgeoning career of what would become a great actress, and a flawless performance by Bowie as a bizarre Goblin King. The part could not have been played by anyone else. For decades he showed the world what it meant to be your own person and embrace ambiguity and androgyny. While not a box office success, Labyrinth lives on as a cult classic. And the soundtrack includes Bowie songs you don't want to miss while mourning the loss of his greatness to the world.

To remember Bowie in your own weird way, watch The Prestige or listen to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou soundtrack.

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