Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bream Gives Me Hiccups by Jesse Eisenberg

Let's be completely honest for a moment. Sometimes celebrities of one form of fame attempt to delve into another realm of fame and it often doesn't go so well. A lot of times it's not a total disaster, but more akin to baking brownies at the wrong temperature in higher altitude settings. It's still going to taste yummy for one reason or another, but it falls flat. For instance,  I think we can all safely say Bruce Willis' musical career was of a lesser caliber than his acting.

Now, this is not the forum to discuss the short comings of celebrities. On the contrary, it is a forum to discuss great books. And truthfully, I can neither sing nor act, so what do I know? What I will say is that I have a HUGE crush on Jesse Eisenberg, his movies are lovely and I think his new-ish story collection Bream Gives Me Hiccups is divine. The complete opposite reaction our young boy protagonist has towards bream and other fancy foods.

The first half of this collection is basically restaurant reviews from a nine year old boy whose mother takes him to elegant places to eat and he really just hates it. Realistically, the boy is wrought with emotions that run much deeper and Eisenberg navigates the narratives beautifully. It's irreverent and endearing and hilarious.

The later half of the stories are a multitude of characters that are quirky and chuckle-worthy. Eisenberg's weird sense of humor is right up my alley, and the epistolary style entry from the perspective of a college freshmen says all the things that maybe you wanted to say about your first dormitory roommate but were too polite. One thing is clear, this actor can also write.

To delve deeper into the literary works of celebrities, try Actors Anonymous by James Franco or Steve Martin's An Object of Beauty.

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