Monday, January 18, 2016

Asylum by Madeleine Roux

Creepy. That is the best word to describe the first title in Madeleine Roux's series Asylum.

Dan Crawford heads to New Hampshire for a college prep program and his dorm on campus is the former site of Brookline Asylum where numerous homicidal patients were housed. Along with his new friends Abby and Jordan, Dan investigates the locked basement where he finds old patient files and an operation theater where the previous warden conducted heinous experiments. What's even more terrifying is that Dan, who is adopted, shares the exact same name as the sadistic former warden.

To add even more chaos and terror, Dan and his friends discover that the warden's most prized patient was a serial killer named The Sculptor whose body was never found when the asylum closed. When accidents and a murder occur on campus, things get really scary.

Throughout the book are photos from actual hospitals and asylums, and the novel includes a listing of sources for all the material. Some photos are sure to stick in your head and maybe even your nightmares. Fast paced, the multi-layer story never becomes overly confusing. It is a mystery that just keeps sucking you in.

The story also ends with a cliff hanger, ensuring that you must read the two follow-up novels, Sanctum and Catacomb.

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