Sunday, December 13, 2015

Stories by candlelight

The short days around the winter solstice are a time in many cultures to celebrate light. Until the modern era, that meant candles and lamps, which continue to be important holiday symbols. Here are four illuminating picture book stories to share this December. 
Emanuel and the Hanukkah Rescue by Heidi Smith Hyde. The menorah celebrates religious freedom but Emanuel's father still fears persecution even after coming to the whaling port of New Bedford in America. This year, Hanukkah ends on December 14.

The Christmas Candle by Richard Paul Evans. In an odd chandler's shop, Thomas buys a cheap candle for his lantern. The candlemaker warns him, "You may find it costly" and indeed the candlelight tricks Thomas into seeing in a new light. December 24 is Christmas Eve.

Imani's Gift at Kwanzaa by Denise Burden-Patmon. Imani doesn't want the Johnsons to visit because she doesn't get along with Enna. But with her grandmother's help, Imani finds a way to change their relationship. Kwanzaa is celebrated from December 26 through January 1.

The Storyteller's Candle - La velita de los cuentos by Lucía Gonzáles. Hildamar and Santiago miss celebrating Three Kings Day back in Puerto Rico until they discover the librarian speaks Spanish and wants their help to plan a fiesta. Three Kings Day is January 6. 

Read a story - light a candle in the mind of a child. Annotations by Carolyn Caywood, retired from VBPL  


Tracy said...

Thank you for posting this--great theme and selection!

Carolyn said...

Thanks, Tracy!