Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Introducing Garrett, P.I. by Glen Cook

At the crossroads of fantasy and noir mystery you might find Terry Pratchett's Sam Vines or Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden. Garrett has been lurking in those shadows for nearly thirty years. He lives a city called TunFaire that's populated by a wide range of intelligent species. The rich live up on the Hill away from the mean streets, but not from greedy schemes. His country is engaged in a long war for control of silver mines necessary for sorcery and Garrett served in the Marines before setting up as a private investigator.

The first novel, Sweet Silver Blues, takes place mostly in the Cantard, where the war over silver grinds on. Garrett needs to locate an heiress but everyone who might know has secrets to protect. Vicious unicorns, vampires, a conniving centaur, and stranger folk get involved in the search.

In Bitter Gold Hearts, we get to see more of TunFaire. A rich playboy has been kidnapped and Garrett is called in to advise the dysfunctional family. Reminiscent of Mycroft Holmes or Nero Wolfe, Garrett's in-house advisor, the “Dead Man,” cannot move but communicates telepathically and considers himself a strategic genius.

The earlier novels are available again in collections beginning with Introducing Garrett, P. I. Contained in this volume are the first three novels in the series: Sweet Silver Blues, Bitter Gold Hearts, and Cold Copper Tears. There are now fourteen titles – I didn't know there were that many metals.

Sam Vines patrols the gritty fantasy city of Ankh Morpork in Night Watch. And Harry Dresden keeps Chicago safe from the supernatural beginning in Storm Front.

Review by Carolyn Caywood, retired from VBPL

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