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Her Idea by Rilla Alexander

Sozi had an idea.  In fact, she had hundreds…”  Her Idea is a book about a little girl who has ideas. Sometimes there are a few, sometimes there are way too many, and other times, there are none.  Sozi learns about the struggle that is bringing an idea to fruition.

Rilla Alexander, graphic artist and author of one other children’s book, wrote Her Idea for children and adults, and the ideas conveyed are very much ones that can be understood and appreciated by both.  In semi-rhyming text, Alexander, describes the creative and artistic process through the eyes of Sozi, a super-hero masked girl.  Her illustrations resemble that of unfinished idea, with images running off edges of their page, allowing the reader to decide what else is going on outside the borders of the book. A very minimal, although bright and eye-catching, color palette complements the unfinished idea.  Her style is indeed unique and exceptionally interesting, the cover art immediately grabbing my attention from the children’s new book wall.  Alexander’s illustrations for Her Idea have been displayed at exhibitions at BOLD Berlin at the Pictoplasma Festival of Character Art and Design and Colette in Paris. 

Sozi is a book character to be inspired by, proving not only that children can have ideas, but that girls can have ideas, and that they are valid too.  All ideas aren’t necessarily good ideas, but they are ideas and thoughts that should be respected and valued nonetheless.  Sozi learns that we all have visions or thoughts that are hard to keep working on and sometimes our ideas are just lacking altogether, “…slowly and surely, one by one, the ideas slipped away…until there were none…”  Her Idea proves that when we don’t quit, when we keep working hard even when it becomes difficult, pursuing an idea can be worth it in the end. 

“She kept on regardless.  She refused to quit…And here at THE END…this is Her Idea and it’s completely done!”

Search for Her Idea in the VBPL Catalog.  Rilla Alexander is also the author of The Best Book in the World.

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