Monday, November 16, 2015

The Mindy Project: Season One

The Mindy Project: Season One

In The Mindy Project, comedian Mindy Kaling (who's also the creator, co-writer, and co-producer of the show) plays Dr. Mindy Lahiri, a successful OB/GYN. Mindy’s fellow doctors include Dr. Jeremy Reed, a suave British charmer and Mindy’s occasional friend with benefits; and Dr. Danny Castellano, a blue-collar native New Yorker and office curmudgeon. The cast is rounded out by a group of strong supporting characters and recurring guest stars such as Bill Hader and Ed Helms.

Mindy has a successful career, but she finds herself consistently unlucky in love. Even though she’s smart, funny, and beautiful, her love life is frequently a mess. Mindy’s search for happiness leads her down many a wayward (but hilarious) path, like the time she was invited to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, attended, got drunk, and humiliated the groom, the bride, and herself during the reception.

Or how about the time Mindy’s own doctor retires and she gets the brilliant idea that her co-worker Danny should be her new gynecologist?

Not awkward. Not awkward at all.

Mindy is an endearing character: at times bumbling and self-deprecating, but deep down, sincere and heartfelt. The cast has great chemistry together and that, along with the writing itself, is where the show really shines.

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