Monday, October 26, 2015

Up To No Good by Carl Weber

Reading Up To No Good by Carl Weber was a dramatic thrill ride.
Middle age playboy James Black doesn’t necessarily set the best examples for his adult children, Darnel (son) and Jamie (daughter). In fact, one might describe their relationship as dysfunctional at best. Despite this, James’ love for his children is unconditional.

Darnel, unlike his father, is a one woman type of man and engaged to be married to his lifelong sweetheart, Keisha. However, his world is shattered when he discovers the truth about his bride to be. Darnel’s inability to cope with betrayal sends him spiraling into a manic rage. In the end, it is his father who saves him from his fate.

Jamie is a nosy know-it-all, so much so that the line becomes blurred as to whether she’s James’ daughter or his jealous wife, despite having a man of her own. Her prying and spying leads her down a path that changes her life forever, forcing daddy’s little girl to finally grow up.

James has lived his life exactly as he desired. No apologies. Despite never marrying, he remained a devoted father to his son and daughter. When his carefree lifestyle loses its appeal, he makes one final sacrifice for those he loves.

Weber starts this book off at top speed and never slows down. Chapter after chapter, the story unfolds with more drama until the very climatic end. I would recommend Up To No Good to anyone interested in reading a fast paced drama.
 Review by Trinika A.

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