Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Ice Dragon


      Did you know that George R.R. Martin, the bestselling author known for A Game of Thrones, wrote a children's book in 1980?  I didn't. The story was was mentioned in Martin's later books as a story told by Old Nan to the young Jon Snow. What was exciting to me was finding it on the Youth shelves at the library this summer when the book was re-released.
     The Ice Dragon is a lovely tale about Adara, a girl who plays outdoors in the frozen days of winter, and whose earliest memories included a dragon who was " that shade of white that is so hard and cold it is almost blue." She touched it, rode on it, and made a fast friendship with a creature that could drive fear into most people. Illustrated in chilling blue, a reader can feel the absolute cold in this story.The dragon has an important role to play in Adara's life, and we can even love him for his  selfless decisions as Adara grows older.

    This little volume is a great start for those who are not yet reading the longer dragon books, like Cornelia Funk's Dragon Rider (2004), a frightening 523 page tale of the interactions of dragons and children, fun as a read aloud over many weeks or months, or Rebecca Rupp's The Dragon of Lonely Island, The Ice Dragon does a gracious job of introducing readers to the deep bonds and adventure that is possible for children and dragons in the world of fantasy fiction.

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