Friday, October 09, 2015

The Busy Tree by Jennifer Ward

    With Autumn here, even the youngest children know to look at the evidence of the change of seasons. While the most direct evidence is the alterations in leaf colors, the whole cycle of life around trees seems almost mysterious. The Busy Tree  invites readers of all ages to really see the many ways a tree is " busy", from its splendid network of roots, to the many animals who make their home in or near the tree. The page with chipmunks nibbling acorns is so realistic you want to touch it, and three squirrels on another page appear to have been interrupted for a moment as a watcher discovers them.
     Families with young ones will enjoy reading the rhyming text, such as: "Visit my hollow that is home to an owl, he sleeps all day long, then at night starts to prowl." Rich vocabulary, a gentle rhythm and the beckoning quality of each illustration makes this book a prize.
     If you want to see more books that present trees in their beauty and purpose, you might also look for Sequoia, by Tony Johnston, and This Tree Counts by Alison Formento, illustrated by Sarah Snow.

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