Friday, October 02, 2015

Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers

This week is Banned Book Week in libraries. This means that we celebrate books that have been challenged and champion for freedom of speech and freedom to read. This is at the heart of what libraries are all about - people should be able to access the the information and literature they wish. And so, libraries offer a storehouse of such materials.

Recently, Some Girls Are made news headlines after it was removed from a suggested reading list in a South Carolina High School. The book does describe a graphic assault, has what some would consider crude language, and bullying at its worst. Yet, this is a book that gets teens reading.

It is not my job or my place to tell you what to read or to not read - as a librarian I can only make suggestions based on an interview of a reader's interests, With that said, I think this is a really great book and I think if teens are interested in the gritty, rawness of these characters and situations, then the book should be made available to them. Furthermore, I shall summarize in case such a title might also strike your fancy.

Regina Afton was part of the Fearsome Fivesome. Was. That is, until her frenemy spreads a vicious rumor that she has slept with her best friend's boyfriend. Only, the truth is far worse in that the boy attempted to rape Regina. Now she is the most tormented girl in school, having rancid meat thrown in her locker and other egregious and degrading attacks. The only solace she finds in this miserable scenario is in a friendship with Michael, a boy she once tortured herself.

Courtney Summers writes  - I listened to the audio book and found myself driving out of my way so that I could finish the book in a day's time. It was like Mean Girls on steroids. This title touches on ever-present topics of sexuality, bullying, and sometimes frightening realities of high school. There are few redeemable qualities in any of the characters, and yet I found myself championing for Regina ever step of the way.

With that said, you have the freedom to check this title out from VBPL, along with Courtney Summers' other titles, and decide for yourself. Happy Freedom to Read!

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