Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Just Wanna Testify by Pearl Cleage

Just Wanna Testify by Pearl Cleage has a unique flair that I think many readers will enjoy.

A new element has just arrived on the West End district of Atlanta- VAMPIRES! These blood suckers are only in town for a short time and there here on business. When this group of supermodels converge on a local all men’s university seeking recruits, there is unlimited interest.

While young men flock to join the distant community of gorgeous women, there are some details that remain unknown; like that fact that they will not be returning…EVER.

However, when the boys turn to Blue Hamilton, the self-proclaimed protector of the residents of the secluded West End community, for an escape clause, he is having none of it. Blue makes it his mission to vanquish the group of seductive women before the entire city is plagued by the pack of blood sucking beauties.

This book is full of wit and surprise. I’d recommend Just Wanna Testify to anyone interested in a supernatural story with humor.

 Review by Trinika A.

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