Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hidden Intentions by Meisha Camm

Hidden Intentions by local author, Meisha Camm is a fast paced story about love and danger. 

Nursing student, Nya Gamden is all about business. She is an independent woman, comes from a good home and has very high standards when it comes to men.

When she meets a man who seems to have all the right qualities, she finds herself falling for the man of her dreams. That is until she starts to learn the truth about the man she met while grocery shopping. Not only is he not who he seems to be, but his lies and deceit has put Nya’s life in danger.
Nya, however is not the type to play victim. Instead she vows vengeance on the man who has made her a pawn in his scheme to live a double life.

This story has many twist and turns in the plot. Just when you think that you know where the story is headed, the author dishes another blow to the storyline. Readers looking for a fast paced book with a familiar setting (Hampton Roads) should definitely put Hidden Intentions Meisha Camm on their “To Read” list.
 Review by Trinika A.

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