Thursday, October 15, 2015

Goodnight Songs :A Celebration of Seasons


     The evening is chill enough to wear longer pajamas, and the sun has set long ago. Bedtime is the best time to settle in with a book that invites us to read and sing and love the joys of the seasons. Margaret Wise Brown is the author of many children's books; the most famous, and one of my daughter's own read aloud stories is Goodnight, Moon. Now we receive a new treasure, the beloved writer's beautiful imagery of her love of the outdoors.Goodnight Songs: A Celebration of the Seasons is the bounty of a group of poems rescued from an old trunk forty years past the end of  her short life. It is a gift to share with your children, your grandchildren, and friends young and older.
    A Celebration of the Seasons features a selection of poems and illustrations by a dozen award winning artists in the picture book world. It is astounding and inviting, and includes a bonus recording of songs by Tom Proutt and Emily Gary, with instruments like ukulele, mandolin, accordion, sax and pennywhistle, and even a pedal steel guitar. This combination of music, poetry and the loveliest artistic renderings makes this book/CD a treasure.
 Fortunate are we all that Brown's work is being revivified. Even so, you can extend your love of  Goodnight Moon to its Spanish language version, Buenas Noches, Luna or to  Mouse of My Heart, another collection of Margaret Wise Brown's poems that touch on the simple joys of nature and childhood.

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