Thursday, October 01, 2015

Boo-La-La Witch Spa by Samantha Berger

Today is the first day of October, which means the best holiday of the year (in my humble opinion) is ever-so-near! Therefore, in the spirit of Halloween I thought it best to kick the month off right with a bewitching story.

Boo-La-La Witch Spa follows a young witch after she has completed her exhausting Halloween duties. She needs what everyone needs after a long day - a spa treatment. She has her nails done, soaks in a hot bath, and has her hair dyed fun colors. It's just the pick me up she needs to be ready to tackle next Halloween in style!

Samantha Berger's story is too adorable for words. The rhyming text makes this such a sing song story to enjoy as our main witch-about-town has spiders massage her head as she reads Voo-doo-y Fair. It is sure to please kids and grown-ups alike. And those kid-like grown-ups, such as myself.

If you're in for more howling laughs and bone tickling rhymes, check out There Was an Old Mummy Who Swallowed a Spider and Skeleton For Dinner.

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