Monday, October 26, 2015

Artful Halloween: 31 Frightfully elegant Projects

by Susan Wasinger


While browsing a library shelf last year, I came across this colorful book, Artful Halloween: 31 Frightfully Elegant Projects by Susan Wasinger.  I was struck by how simple and elegant most of the projects were, and was instantly inspired to start decorating.  I could wholeheartedly agree with the author’s desire to avoid cheap plastic decorations, and instead opt for stylized creations that are beautiful and fit within the ambiance of her home.
Wasinger begins by setting the mood with a brief introduction to Halloween traditions.  She continues by explaining some of the tools, materials and techniques you’ll need, although these are relatively basic and even the most inexperienced crafters should find success.
The Alchemist’s Book Garland, and All Eyes on You Magnets give the most bang, and are among the easier projects you’ll find.  Find some large, clear jars and the Disembodied Hand-in-Glove will evoke scenes from vintage horror movies.  The simply stenciled muslin napkins can replace garish orange napkins when snacking on donuts and cider.  You’ll need pumpkins of course, and if you display some that are painted and decked out in studs, swag, or flowers, they will draw lots of attention.
[Cover] Check out Artful Halloween: 31 Frightfully Elegant Projects by Susan Wasinger from your library now.  You have plenty of time to create something unique for Halloween.  If you’re looking for something edible, you might also want to get the Betty Crocker Halloween Cookbook for some creepy themed munchies.

Review by Rebekah K.

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