Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Welcome Home Bear: a book of animal habitats by Il Sung Na

Bear decides that he is rather bored with his current home.  For some reason the blue skies and lush green grass do not hold the same appeal anymore.  He decides to set out in search of a new home, one much different than his current digs.  In his search, he explores the home of a Bird, a Mole, a Goat, a Camel, a Polar Bear, and an Orangutan. Much like Goldilocks, Bear decides that some habitats, such as Polar Bear's arctic abode, are much too cold, while other habitats, such as Camel's desert domicile, are entirely too hot.  It's a classic "grass is greener" style lesson when Bear returns home only to discover that his current home is just what he needed all along.

Children and parents will enjoy accompanying Bear on his expedition across the world and into the homes of some fascinating wild animals. Na's lovely illustrations created using a combination of several unique techniques  are the perfect travel companion.  While assessing Bear's reactions to the various habitats, children learn in a fun and subtle manner why each home is tailored to the specific needs of the animal who resides there.  Welcome Home Bear is a great pick for a bear or habitat themed storytime, or for those looking for a fun story to share aloud.

Readers who enjoy Welcome Home Bear should be sure to check out Il Sung Na's other children's books which are equally adorable. For other children's books on animal habitats, check out Whose Nest? by Victoria Cochrane and Even an Octopus Needs a Home by Irene Kelly.

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