Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Doodle Revolution: Unlock the Power to Think Differently

I'm a doodler. Now, if you're of a certain mindset, you are picturing me at my work desk doing nothing.  I'm wasting time, I'm wasting money, and I'm getting paid for doing nothing at all. But, I'm hear to tell you you're wrong, and  thanks to The Doodle Revolution by Sunni Brown, I've got some hard evidence to prove it.

As she explains it, doodling is often deep thinking in disguise. The best and the brightest minds were doodlers: Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Henry Ford, and more. They used the power of simple doodles as a tool for innovating, focusing, and solving even the most complex of issues, and this book will help you learn those skills...even, and especially if, you have no drawing skills whatsoever. I'm a champ of a doodler. In fact I teach a graphic facilitation class for my workplace. So, I must be an incredible artist, right? Absolutely, 100% wrong. In fact, I'm not a great artist at all, but I use the power of simple drawings to bring thoughts, ideas, and concepts into a simple, visual format to help others recall the discussion later. The Doodle Revolution will help you develop those very same skills.

The beauty of this book is that it actually gives you different "suggesting entering" points which depend on where you feel you are on the scale of the journey. Not buying that doodling can help you at all? Start with Chapter One: Disrupt the beliefs about the doodle. Already a infodoodle master? Enter at Chapter Five. No matter where you enter, there are practical ways to learn to effectively doodle, both personally and in groups. If you're hoping to bring your complex thinking skills to the next level, doodling can help you, and this book will get you started.

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