Tuesday, September 08, 2015

My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, & Going with Your Gut by Hannah Hart

My Drunk Kitchen is a funny collection of recipes, personal stories, and puns written by a YouTube personality with the last name Hart.  Keeping in mind yesterday’s review, I’d say I’m hitting this theme pretty hard.  Hannah Hart is the creator and star of the YouTube channel, My Drunk Kitchen, where she has some drinks (often with friends) and tries a funny, thematic recipe.  She has gained quite a following by being open, honest, and almost unfailingly upbeat.  Also, she makes a bunch of jokes, sings songs, and makes puns (oh, man…the puns, so many puns).  Just about all of those things are on display in her first book.  My Drunk Kitchen is not quite a memoir but it isn’t exactly a cookbook either.  There are personal stories and recipes but neither are the point.  This book is designed to teach life lessons to twenty-somethings about everything from dealing with a break-up to whether or not to take baked goods to work.

Like Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart (no relation but they do often work together) is refreshingly honest and vulnerable about her foibles both personal and professional.  If, like me, you are out of your twenties, it can seem quaint to read life advice from someone who refers to 2005 as “back in the day” but it’s a testament to the charm and readability of the book that everything is relatable.  Even if you don’t know all of the internet slang or get all of the references, you can still make connections to your own life or at least remember being on the cusp of adulthood and how uncertain a time that can be.  In addition to the laidback quasi-therapy, there are actual recipes.  Don’t pick up this book expecting to put it to use like Joy of Cooking however.  Like her life advice, Hart’s recipes are open-ended.  Ingredients are mere suggestions, cooking times are mentioned only as “put it in the oven,” and there are drink recommendations to accompany everything.  My Drunk Kitchen is perfect for the anxious recent grad you might know or the one you might have been.

Oh, and the foreword was written by John Green, so it’s got that going for it, which is nice.

If you like My Drunk Kitchen, you might also like You Deserve a Drink (obviously) by Mamrie Hart or Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown, all available from the Virginia Beach Public Library.

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