Thursday, September 17, 2015

Death Note

If you had the power to kill one person on earth without suffering any consequences, would you take it? What if all you had to do was write the person's name in a notebook, and they'll die of a heart attack, or an accident, or just about any way you want them to? How about if the victims were serial killers or rapists or child abusers? Now, you may not quite be so sure. This is the story of Death Note, a graphic novel by Tsugumi Oba.

Light, an highly intelligent high school student just about to enter college, is given the power to control the fate of humans when he comes across the mythical Shingami's death note, a simple looking notebook that allows you to simply write down a name, and the person dies. Light decides that he can make the world a safer and better place by killing hardened criminals. After all, they just have a heart attack. But then, the police start to notice that the criminals are having heart attacks at an alarming rate, particularly if they had just been featured on the news, so Light has to start changing the method of death, which makes things a little more personal. They call in the infamous, L, the equivalent of a young Sherlock Holmes type, to solve the mystery. And isn't he surprised when one of his prime suspects turns out to be the son of a police officer?  Well, that means people are suddenly in Light's way who aren't criminals, so what then?

You won't want to put it down, so check out a couple in the series at a time, and don't forget to pick up any stray notebooks you find. After all, you wouldn't want someone else to have the power, would you?

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