Monday, August 17, 2015

Texts from Mittens: A Cat Who Has an Unlimited Data Plan...and Isn't Afraid to Use It by Angie Bailey

I admit it: I talk to my cat, Rascal, and he will talk back with meows, trills, purrs, and other non-verbal cat cues.  It feels like conversing with a foreigner or with a babbling toddler, something gets lost in translation, and I have to wonder what goes on behind those unfathomable eyes.  Cat behavior can range from the silly to downright mysterious, and we can only guess what is going on in their heads, and that is where cat humor gets started, with clever memes, comics, videos, and more.
Angie Bailey’s hilarious book takes the premise of what if a cat could talk even further, into the age of technology, to what if a cat could text.  This is a collection of texts between Mittens and his human mommy, capturing the eccentricities of cat behavior with the words behind them, like treats, demands for food, getting into trouble, boxes and toys, interactions with other pets and people, cat drama, and pet ownership woes.  There are more imaginative scenarios, like Mittens' impression of 50 Shades of Grey and To Kill a Mockingbird and thoughts on being adopted. 

The texts are laugh-out-loud funny, snarky, and are sometimes delightful misunderstandings. The humor is spot-on, giving insight into living with cats, and it is a fun read, even for non-cat people.  The texting format adds a new dimension to the dialogue, with a different comic timing and texting-related humor (hello, auto-correct).  Mittens has a bit of an attitude, though he does not always get the last word, and there are sweet moments, too. This book packs humor in each text and builds details about Mittens' life and quirks, so readers get to know his human mom, his dog brother (Phil), and other secondary characters.  The book is a quick read, and it does not have to be read in order. It has a nice layout of two texts per page, with cute text message templates (“Furizon” is the provider if you are into fun puns).

Look for Texts from Mittens in the VBPL Catalog.  For more texts from Mittens, check out Bailey’s blog. Also, try her Whiskerslist: the Kitty Classifieds for more humorous imaginings into the minds of cats.  For more texting-related humor, try October Jones’ Texts from Dog and Mallory Ortberg’s Texts from Jane Eyre and Other Conversations with Your Favorite Literary Characters.

Review by Tracy V.

Click to enlarge!  Inspired by Texts from Mittens, here are examples of how I imagine texts with Rascal would be like.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds fun and I'm sure it ain't easy texting with paws! Now I want to read Texts from Jane Eyre : and other conversations with your favorite literary characters.