Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gluten-Free Living Magazine

Picture your favorite ice cream. Mmm. . . .  Now hold that thought. What if you couldn’t have it any more? If you are on a special diet, you must live with restrictions daily. When you get a craving, what’s the alternative? Does Pecan Passion, Strawberry Bliss, Blackberry Honey or Chocolate Orange Chip sound good? All are dairy-free, gluten free and vegan. The July/August 2015 issue of Gluten Free Living Magazine features an article about ten non-dairy ice creams. Each one comes in many different flavors. You can read this magazine on your computer or mobile device, free from your Virginia Beach Public Library.

Click on links within the articles in this digital magazine to go directly to the different ice cream companies for more information, such as what stores carry the ice cream in your area. Another link within an article,, allows you to select what foods you have at home from a list on the site, choose My Restrictions, such as Gluten Free, and get custom recipes.

An expanded recipe section in the magazine includes Filipino food by Laura Hahn, author of Around the World, One Gluten Free Meal at a Time. Also, a panel of pizza tasters choose their favorite frozen gluten free pizzas, and tell why they like them. Ice cream and pizza, two of my favorite foods in one magazine!

The issue lists sources for home genetics tests, so if you have a family history of Celiac you can find out whether or not you inherited the gene for developing the autoimmune disease.

Check out Gluten Free Living for more articles, restaurant reviews or product information. Or, browse VBPL’s digital magazine collection for more foodie magazines for special diets such as Vegetarian Times or Diabetic Living. The magazines never expire—there is no time limit. Once you check out a magazine, it will remain in your personal reading account until you delete it. Review by Sandi H.

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