Thursday, July 02, 2015

Fashionable Selby

by Todd Selby

How can you look at the cover of this book and not think "I MUST OPEN THIS"? But a word of caution for those who do decide to check this one out: It will immediately make you want to drop everything, quit your day job, and spend all your hours making and creating. In Fashionable Selby Todd Selby has curated a collection of unique fashion artisans in this behind the scenes look into their intricate creative processes. 

With minimal text and an abundance of captioned, pop-out-of-the-page photographs, readers are introduced to the eccentric characters behind many famous brands. Selby's interview style is a simple piece of paper with a few questions scrawled in his jittery handwriting. The interviewee then responds to the questions on the same paper, which gives the book a fun, quirky sketchbook feel. I also love the look into their studio spaces, as if Selby showed up unannounced and they were mid-workday.

Before you think "this book is not for me, I am not into fashion..." this book is not about how things look, but how things are made. It's more than the glossy, flat photos of models in magazines. It's an appreciation to the often overlooked dedication put in to the art of costume, craftsmanship, and transformation. If you like Selby's travels through the art world try his other books The Selby is in Your Place and Edible Selby.

Review by Stevie Z.

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