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Dessert For Two: Small Batch Cookies, Brownies, Pies, and Cakes

Dessert For Two: Small Batch Cookies, Brownies, Pies, and Cakes by Christina Lane

To be honest, it was the picture on the book cover of the adorable chocolate pies in the canning jar lids that first grabbed my attention.  I have made pies in canning jars, but using the lid as a tiny spring form pan is genius.

Being a new empty nester, I am having to learn how to scale down my recipes so that my husband doesn't have to eat the same leftovers for a whole week.  When it comes to baked goods it isn't just a matter of halving the recipe.  After all, how do you halve an egg?  Christina Lane has worked out all the math and science for you.  She obviously has spent a lot of time with each recipe to make them as easy as possible.  All while keeping the texture and flavor of the full scale version.

The recipes are broken down into chapters for cookies, bars, cakes, Southern Delights (which include pies, cobblers, and puddings) and candy.  Most of the cupcake recipes make only 4 cupcakes.  The cookie recipes make 12 or fewer cookies. The bar recipes are made in a 9 x 5 x 3 pan and Christina says they make 2 servings.  The servings are quite large so I cut them in half again to make 4 bars per pan.  Most of the pies and cakes are made in a 6 inch pan. 

The Oatmeal Cream Pies cookie recipe is to die for.  Can it get any better with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and molasses in an oatmeal cookie?  Oh wait, it can, add the marshmallow cream filling and wow.  I love blondies, which are really just a chocolate chip cookie in bar form.  I have tried other scaled down versions but they were never quite right.  This one is made in the 9 x 5 x 3 pan and is just right.

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