Monday, June 22, 2015

Pleasure Seekers by Rochelle Alers

Want to read a hot romance for the summer? If so, Pleasure Seekers by Rochelle Alers is a must read!  This steamy story is about three women who join an exclusive escort service for very different reasons. Having already achieved their own successes in life, the reader is immediately curious to know what would make a supermodel, marketing executive and a fashion magazine editor consider escort work.

Well, Pleasure Seekers is not just exclusive, it is respectable. Highly successful businessmen, politicians and celebrities pay top dollar for the company of classy women.

The owner of the escort business holds her ladies to a very high standard and more importantly, she only takes on clients who honor her code of conduct. Thus, no illicit relationships allowed. Knowing that they are protected, Ilene, Fay and Alana welcome the idea of exotic weekends in luxury locales for a few extra dollars.

Alers’ writing is phenomenal. It’s hard to read this book without becoming giddy like a crushed-out teenager as the women are pampered and fawned over by the most eligible bachelors in town. Even juicier is witnessing the unlikely romances that develop thereafter.

In all honesty, you could go from reading Pleasure Seekers and pick up any of Rochelle Alers romances and be equally as pleased. Her ability to write unique characters and pair them with bold romantic partners is what makes her romances so amazing. I would recommend Pleasure Seekers to anyone interested in a great romance that draws you in from page one.

Review by Trinika A

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