Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Touch the Brightest Star

by Christie Matheson

Tap the Magic Tree fans, REJOICE! Christie Matheson is back with her second book, Touch the Brightest Star, and I am happy to report that it is just as whimsical as her first. Adorned with watercolor illustrations and cut paper collage, readers are taken through a quiet night that comes alive at the touch of the page. Psst, what happens when you touch the brightest star you see with your magic finger? Check out this book to find out!

Great for a one-on-one bedtime treat, or a big group storytime, educators, parents, and kids light up for Matheson's interactive books. A bonus addition to this book is the last page where she describes "how the magic happens". It may seem like magic, but these little tidbits of facts explain just why fireflies light up at night, or a meteor is called a "shooting star". Perfect for little inquisitive minds and a great way to add nonfiction and science into such an imaginative story!

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Review by Stevie Z.

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