Thursday, June 04, 2015

Square Cat ABC


  No matter who you are, if you read to children, alphabet books are part of your plan. Teachers, librarians, parents, child care providers, and grandparents know that children need to know their ABC's as they start the journey to literacy. Singing the ABC is such a part of the early childhood repertoire, it is nearly a sacred chant.
 And then there are the books. Some alphabet books are beautiful, some are filled with text, and some have complex images, which I have often found confusing.
 A new book has risen to the top of my list of favorite ABC books. Square Cat ABC is a hands down celebration of the alphabet in context, as opposed to a list of things that start with any letter. The clever characters and simple story feature the square cat, a mouse, a garden, and the letters woven into the words with ease and well designed graphics. It is a delightful romp ; an adventure with letters.
The seeker of alphabet books will be delighted by many other favorites in our collection. Check out the luxurious Beautiful Birds by Jean Roussen, published this year, whose pages would make Audubon society members tremble. You might like the brightly colored and utterly ridiculous Animals in Underwear ABC (2013) by Todd Parr. However, if you want to share a book with a child who is fascinated by names, there is always Augie to Zebra (2012) by Kate Endle.

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