Monday, June 01, 2015

My First 10 Paintings by Marie Sellier

      What a great opportunity to prepare for a trip to the art museum, My First 10 Paintings as a preview! The wonder of great art is in the way the eye is expanded by the competence and brilliance of each artist's abilities and perspective. For children, and for anyone new to visual art, Marie Sellier's marvel of a book piques the imagination with cut out pages and dancing text, exposing parts of great works of art. For example, number 6 is Paul Klee's Landscape with Yellow Birds. A black page punctuated with six circles allow the reader to peek onto the next page, where multicolored text describes " tiny birds (are) in the wild garden, which shines with dark blue moonlight." And the Mona Lisa appears first, through her eyes.
   This beautiful volume is a like a summer sojourn for adults and children as they begin the awakening of the soul to the beauty of art. A rainy summer afternoon and My First 10 Paintings could usher in a longing for eye-catching loveliness beyond the television screen. Another book which introduces an engaging, interactive  journey isThe Usborne Art Treasury  (2007), by Rosie Dickins. Look for new art with the JULI-Art programs this month at the TCC/ City Joint Use Library.

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