Friday, June 12, 2015

Lucifer, Book One by Mike Carey

Lucifer is bored being Lord of Hell and decides to hang up his wings.  He spends his retirement in Los Angeles, the City of Angels, running a club called Lux.  Lucifer is never bored, as beings from his past keep stopping by for a variety of reasons.  These visits lead Lucifer to create a gate to a universe to rival the one in which he inhabited.  He also must journey to far away lands and other dimensions to obtain items he needs to fulfill this goal of creating a new universe.  It is not an easy road that Lucifer travels and he encounters a wide assortment of humans, Lilim, demons, and angels along the way.  Even the Heavenly Host declares war against him and decimates his club.  Will the Host succeed in foiling his plans or will Lucifer Morningstar succeed in creating a new universe?

Lucifer, Book One is a spin-off series of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. This series takes a closer look at the character of Lucifer and continues to tell his story.  The narrative of Lucifer's tale is told through separate vignettes with their own characters and plot lines.  The only constant throughout is Lucifer himself.  There is an overarching storyline, but it does not really become apparent until closer to the end of this first book.  Carey writes the character of Lucifer in a way that he is still reminiscent of the Devil from Christianity; however, this incarnation is more of a neutral party (neither good nor evil).  Seeing Lucifer portrayed in this way is rather interesting and allows the reader to delve into deeper philosophical debates.  As this series is older, the art style is somewhat different than comics drawn today.  It is more similar to comics drawn in the 1980's and 1990's.  The colors are flatter and they are not as vibrant as can be seen in comics today.  The characters and locations are drawn very realistically and life-like.  What makes this story fun is that gods, demons, and monsters from other cultures and comic series make a cameo in Lucifer.   Lucifer has been adapted to the small screen and will debut in 2016.  In the television adaptation, Lucifer runs his club, Lux, and helps the police solve various crimes.  This title is for adults as it contains graphic violence, adult situations, adult language and some nudity.  Lucifer, Book One is a fanciful look at the Lord of Hell that takes the reader on a journey and leaves you with a desire to continue to follow Lucifer on his continued journey.

You can find Lucifer, Book One by Mike Carey on the VBPL Catalog. If you enjoyed Lucifer, you may want to try John Constantine, Hellblazer by Peter Milligan or The Sandman by Neil Gaiman.

Review by Michelle L. Chrzanowski, TCC Norfolk Campus Library

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