Thursday, June 25, 2015


Written and illustrated by Carson Ellis

Where is home?
“Home is a house in the country.”
“Some are palaces.  Or underground lairs. Or shoes.”
The lovely assortment of homes on the cover of Home by Carson Ellis depict a few of the many places called home.  Perfectly familiar homes are interspersed with those that reach deep into the imagination. 

Inside of each large page is a window into all sorts of places.  We look right in and can almost see who might be living there.  Do you live there?  The muted watercolor illustrations, detailed with pops of reddish-orange help make anything in our imaginations a real possibility. 

A brick apartment building complete with a cat and potted plants in the window is the home of a young girl.  We also see the view from the round window of a home on the moon.  A Moonian lives there.  The home nestled under a mushroom next to an overturned tea cup elicit closer inspection while the sea home with knights in shining armor riding seahorses produces a giggle.

Home is a piece of art meant to be shared.  Each of us can relate to something as familiar as home.  What a great way to teach, understand and accept that each person and animal in this world calls someplace home, whether recognizable or not. 
Carson Ellis is an acclaimed artist, known for illustrations of several books, including the youth series Wildwood, a collaboration with husband Collin Meloy.  Several copies of Home are available in our libraries.  If you like the quiet tone, muted illustrations and chance to explore as in Home you might also want to check out Flashlight by Lizi Boyd.
Review by Rebekah K.

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