Monday, May 11, 2015

Dinosaur Vs. Mommy by Bob Shea

Yesterday was Mother's Day, but every day that a mom does dishes, folds laundry, taxis her kids to school, or packs lunches is really a day to be thankful for our moms. So, in honor of mothers everywhere, we should take some time to read Dinosaur Vs. Mommy by Bob Shea.

The familiar dinosaur from Dinosaur Vs. The Potty and Dinosaur Vs. The Library returns to exact his roaring on his poor, overworked mother. He creeps into her room at 7 a.m. demanding breakfast. Then he proceeds to roar his way through flushing toys down the toilet; filing the grocery cart with junk food; and wearing underwear on his head rather than getting ready for bed. In the end, his mother is able to tame the rambunctious toddler with a hug and kiss.

Fans of the dinosaur books will be sure to love this new addition. Children will love all the "ROARS!!" and parents will simply nod along as they recognize the exhausted mommy's struggle. Bob Shea's illustrations are always funny and pleasantly chaotic, reflecting the whirlwind story of a young dinosaur. Check out some of his other hilarious titles that are enjoyable for children and adults alike, such as I'm a Shark and Don't Play with Your Food.

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