Monday, May 18, 2015

Boys Don't Knit by T.S. Easton

Boys Don't Knit is told in a diary format by Ben Fletcher who is a British 17-year-old. Ben gets into trouble and is put on a year-long probation. The probation contract stipulates that Ben has to keep a personal journal, clean out and paint a storage shed at the victim of his crime's house, and attend a class during the week. Ben chose to take a knitting class because he thought that a hot teacher at his school was the instructor. It turns out that the knitting instructor is the mother of a girl that Ben likes. Ben finds that he is a "natural" to knitting, that he can visualize patterns in his head, and that the repetition of knitting relaxes him. Ben can't tell his father that he likes to knit because his father wants him to like manly things like soccer and car racing. He also has to keep his knitting a secret from his friends. Ben's passion for knitting grows and he starts designing and knitting complex patterns, enters two knitting competitions, and starts selling vests and hoodies on Eventually Ben's knitting prowess gets revealed to everyone at school and then he has to worry about bullies, his relationship with his group of friends, girlfriend, and his father. Stay tuned for the exciting finale to this story of a boy who "does" knit.

The title might deter boys from picking this book up to read, but they should not hesitate to check it out! It's refreshing to have the main character of a book go against the gender stereotype. Boys Don't Knit is filled with adventure, great characters, and a little romance. There are a few British words that you might not know, but it doesn't get in the way of understanding the storyline. The final scene is executed with suspense and humor. You will be rooting for Ben in between laughing and learning about knitting competitions.

Boys Don't Knit is the British author, T.S. Easton's first book to be published in the United States. Look for a sequel coming out to this story, An English Boy in New York.

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