Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tomas Loves...

by Jude Welton

Tomas Loves . . . A rhyming book about fun, friendship – and autism is a clever and fun book about a boy named Tomas, who happens to have autism. Tomas is unique.  In the story we learn his hands might start flapping if he gets upset, and that he hates loud, sudden noise.  He may say the same words over and over. But through the use of beautiful rhymes and illustrations, we also learn about the many things all children love, including Tomas. What child does not love trains, trampolines, horse rides, and dogs?
This book will appeal to all preschoolers. Reading about Tomas with your child will illustrate and confirm that children with autism are children first.  Children who love fun and friendship, just like them! 
If you are interested in reading and learning about other disabilities with your child, try this eye-opening picture book about children with limb and extremity disabilities, Imagine. . . Amazing Me!

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