Monday, April 27, 2015

The Mouse Who Ate the Moon

By Petr Horáček


While peering out of her hole, Little Mouse saw the moon.  “The moon is beautiful” she said and wished she had her very own piece of the moon.
Upon awaking the next morning, she found what she thinks is part of the moon lying outside her hole.  Her wish had come true, and the moon smelled delicious!  Little Mouse couldn’t resist taking a nibble, and then another until half of it was gone.
In this sweet, feel-good story we follow Little Mouse throughout the day as each of her friends reassure her that “Nobody can eat the moon.”  Little Mouse, a bit reminiscent of Frank Asch’s character, Moon Bear, is innocent and adorable in her striped knitted socks, gloves and tail warmer.
Not only are the pictures beautiful with their bold colors and lines, but the die-cut shapes and silhouettes give a wonderful dimension to the story.
Reading The Mouse Who Ate the Moon with children is a sure way to instill a love of reading books.  Little Mouse is lovable and children would be able to relate to her dilemma.  Children would also enjoy peeking through the cut out shapes just as Little Mouse does.
You can find The The Mouse Who Ate the Moon at Virginia Beach Public Library.  You might also want to look for other books with die-cut pages and lovable characters such as Peck, Peck, Peck by Lucy Cousins.   Petr Horáček wrote several other books including Silly Suzy Goose and Butterfly, Butterfly.

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