Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Milo is Not a Dog Today

by Kiersten Schoen

Milo wakes up one day and doesn’t feel like being a dog. What will he be instead? The possibilities are endless.
Using his great imagination he pretends to dress up like the animals that he meets along the way. He first pretends to be a rooster. The rooster notices that Milo has no feathers, so he goes and gets some feathers. Now he is dressed like a rooster and wants to play, but the rooster only plays with other roosters.
Next he comes across a sheep. The sheep notices that Milo doesn’t have a warm wooly coat. Milo goes and gets a coat and is ready to play, but the sheep only plays with other sheep.
He continues on his adventure with other animals, but no matter what costume he wears they all see him as a dog. Milo doesn’t let any of this discourage him. He continues on his search and in the end meets a new friend named Cleo. She is also a dog who loves to pretend. They play together and become the best of friends.
If you like Milo in Milo is Not a Dog Today you will also like the book A Dog is a Dog by Stephen Shaskan. It is a story about a dog who dresses up like other animals. It has fun rhyming text and it keeps the kids guessing as to what happens next. This is one that you will want to read aloud again and again.

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