Monday, April 13, 2015

Here by Richard McGuire

With limited text and strong illustrations, McGuire's Here is a look at the life taking place within one small physical space.

The majority of this graphic novel is set within the living room of a house, with snippets of singular moments of time overlaid to paint a shifting picture of its history. 

The reader is  a fly on the wall, witnessing the pain, joy, and day-to-day experiences of the people who live within this space. As you sit “here” children grow, age, and die, styles change, babies are born, historical events occur in the background and the small moments that make up life flash by. 

I grew up in a home built in the 1800’s, and I loved to sit and imagine what the rooms looked like back then, how they changed over the decades, and wondered endlessly about the lives of the people who walked those halls before me. There were layers of hidden wallpaper, old closed off staircases, and small holes in the floorboards. I always believed that there were stories within those walls. 

For me, Here  is a beautifully rendered telling of my childhood imaginings. I recommend Here to anyone who, like me, wished their walls could talk.

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