Thursday, March 05, 2015

Raindrops Roll


By April Pulley Sayre

Immersed in a tiny, wet world of life we wait.  We feel the rain coming as the sky darkens.  Insects take cover where they can in leaves and flowers. When the rain comes, raindrops fill every upturned leaf and pond, they thud as they hit, and gather as they cling to each other and everything else. 

While reading this book for the first time, and again each time after, I felt as if I were on my front porch watching a summer rain drench the scenery around me.  April Pulley Sayre’s gorgeous, close-up photographs fill the pages with colors, textures and shapes.  Each photograph opens a tiny world that we can see in detail without actually getting wet.

Text set in a large white font uses rich vocabulary to describe scenes simply.  The tone, like a steady summer shower, is expectant, quiet and calm. 

This is a perfect picture book to share with children of any age.  Published just this year by veteran children’s author, April Pulley Sayre, Raindrops Roll covers a topic that everyone can related to.  Even very young children will be enraptured by the beautiful insects.  The science behind water and rain is described in brief, easy to understand paragraphs at the back of the book.  You’ll also find some suggestions for further reading.

I am a huge fan of Sayre’s other photographic children’s books such as Rah, Rah, Radishes!  A Vegetable Chant and Let’s Go Nuts!  Seeds We Eat, but Raindrops Roll is by far my favorite work to date.

If you like the quiet, natural tone and setting of Raindrops Roll, you will probably love Stranger in the Woods:  a photographic fantasy, Lost in the Woods: a photographic fantasy, and other books by Carl R. Sams.  These are beautiful works set in the north woods of Michigan.  A previous VBPL Recommends post highlights them here.

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