Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lucky Dog: How Being a Veterinarian Saved My Life by Sarah Boston

Sarah Boston is an animal vet specializing in cancer surgery, mainly for dogs. So it was an odd sort of coincidence when she herself became a victim of thyroid cancer. Boston writes a candid and often witty account of her experiences and observations as a cancer patient navigating the frustratingly slow-moving Canadian healthcare system. But this book is not just about her. Boston also includes a number of touching stories of her canine cancer patients, calling attention to the rather large dichotomy that exists between human and animal health care. She explains that when it comes to receiving medical treatment it is far better being a dog, where it is a routine occurrence for an animal to elicit an abundance of attention and compassion from its veterinarian.

Not only does Boston keep her story refreshing and spirited as the reader follows her progress through diagnosis, surgeries and radioactive iodine therapy, but the account is considerably enhanced with those remarkably inspiring tales of man’s best friend that she so warmly shares.

If you enjoy reading Lucky Dog you might want to check the catalog for books from veterinarians Jeff Wells and Nick Trout.

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Beth Larmour said...

Thank you for your review. You have turned me on to a new set of authors!
I think i'll try Nick Trout's The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs first. I'm also putting it on hold for my sister as i know she will love this book too.