Friday, March 13, 2015

Life Drawing by Robin Black

As a marriage spans the decades, the relationship grows but sometimes become strained.  That strife is the theme of Robin Black’s domestic drama Life Drawing.

Augusta (Gus for short) is a 47 year old artist.  She lost a sister to a prolonged illness, and her relationship with her remaining sibling is distant.  Her father lives in a senior residential facility and suffers from Alzheimer’s.  Emotional confusion leads Gus to an extramarital affair, stirring up new feelings and rekindling others that had long been dormant.  Her husband Owen forgives her but cannot forget the betrayal.

To get a new lease on life, they relocate to a house in the country surrounding by dense woods. They are isolated except for a neighboring cabin across the property.  When a tenant moves into the cabin, Gus and Owen fear that their privacy will be compromised.  However, Gus proceeds to befriend the new resident, a woman going through an acrimonious divorce.  The tenant’s college aged daughter comes to visit and develops a fascination with Owen that changes everyone’s world forever.

Life Drawing is a realistic look at the difficult aspects of relationships and how simple, everyday decisions can lead to fulfillment or heartbreak.  For other books like Life Drawing, try LakeShore Limited by Sue Miller or Claire Messud’s The Woman Upstairs.

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