Friday, February 06, 2015

Authors Anonymous

Hannah (Kaley Cuoco) is the envy of her writers' group in Authors Anonymous, a film directed by Ellie Kanner. Kanner has a gift for casting. She chose the six actors for the TV pilot and first season of Friends. Every member of the cast in Authors Anonymous contributes to the quirky fun. The movie is character driven, like the sitcom.

Hannah is the first of the ensemble to get a book deal. Yet when she's interviewed for a documentary about the group, she can never find the right word to express herself. It's always on the tip of her tongue. Her mother hovers in the background to supply the perfect adjective, or noun. Makes you wonder, who's writing Hannah's novel?

Then there is Jason who blatantly eavesdrops on chatty ladies for the sake of recording authentic dialogue. During a group critique, each member ridiculously tries to guess which word (yes, one word!) he changed in a revised draft of his story. Authors Anonymous will keep you laughing!

The leader of the wannabe writers is an optometrist who dictates his ideas for books and movies into a recording device, but never actually writes anything. The DVD cover gives you a hint—the members of the group are his patients as well, hence the eyeglasses.

Check out Authors Anonymous if you like romance, comedy and writing. If you are serious about writing, Sisters In Crime, Mystery by the Sea Chapter is presenting a Coastal Crime Fest for writers of all levels at the MEO Central Library on Saturday, March 28.

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