Monday, February 23, 2015

A Letter to My Cat : notes to our best friends created by Lisa Erspamer

What a charming idea and touching collection! Many celebrities and people with notable accomplishments write a letter to their cat, sharing stories ranging from inspiring ones of how their cat changed and touched their lives or overcame great odds, to children's short letters, a couple experiences of a pet’s love outlasting relationships, a poem even, and humorous anecdotes (there was one about aliens). Readers will identify with many of the sentiments and cat quirks shared in the letters. Many of the writers comment in their letters that they know their cats cannot read and may never know what they mean to their people, but it is a sweet gesture of appreciation and love that they share with other readers, and it is something that others can relate and connect to in their own experiences.

There is something profound and wonderful about taking the time to put your thoughts, appreciation, story, and love into words.  Writing letters is almost a forgotten art in the time of email, texts, and Twitter, where everything is brief and in the moment.  Each letter is unique, special, and very personal.  The layout is simple, with the name of the person and the cat's name to accompany each letter, so the focus is on the cat and their story, with gorgeous photographs of the cats.  There is a brief bio at the end about each celebrity combined with a brief one on his or her cat.

Look for A Letter to My Cat in the VBPL Catalog.  Try the companion book, A Letter to My DogDear Socks, Dear Buddy: Kids'Letters to the First Pets compiled by Hilary Rodham Clinton shares letters children sent to the Clintons’ pets.  Also, try I Could Pee on This and I Knead My Mommy by Francesco Marciuliano for collections of fun poems that capture the experience of cats.

I love the idea of a writing a letter to my cat, especially since I adopted my first cat and can relate to the sentiments shared in these letters. Click to enlarge!

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