Monday, February 02, 2015

101 Things To Do With Baby 30th anniversary [edition] by Jan Ormerod

Okay you've rubbed noses and played peek-a-boo with baby a dozen times, now what? Check out Jan Ormerod’s classic picture book 101 Things To Do With Baby. Opportunities to explore daily activities with baby abound. This is a great book to introduce brothers and sisters to a new baby in the family, encouraging play and sensory experiences.

101 Things To Do With Baby,illustrated in graphic novel style format was first published in 1984. Children can follow along and describe the sequence of events, which encourages narrative skills. Text is limited to phrases for each panel: say good morning to baby, play with him before breakfast, put him in his special chair, give him cereal, let him share your egg, then, clean him up!

Everyone in the family can enjoy this book together. While baby looks at the pictures, brother or sister can call out the numeral for each illustrated panel. Side-by-side, you can act out the movements depicted, such as stretching.

Let Ormerod’s book inspire you to get creative and come up with more activities you like to do with your wee one. You could even take photos and make a personalized book of the images to illustrate your list.

For more sequencing in picture books, check out Sunshine, a forerunner to 101 Things To Do With Baby. It’s a wordless book by Ormerod, so you and your child supply the story. Here, an example from the book of a child getting dressed, step-by-step:
Hmm, what else can you do with baby? Come to the Virginia Beach Public Library and have fun singing and moving to music in Early Literacy Storytime classes. You can sign up for Baby Rhyme Time or Combined Rhyme Time here, year round. 

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