Monday, January 12, 2015

Roar: A Big-Mouthed Book of Sounds!

by Jonathon Litton

It’s never too early to introduce children to the fun and learning that books can give to children and their families.  Roar: A Big-mouthed Book of Sounds! and all the other board books in the My Little World series by Jonathon Litton, can bring that and more to babies and toddlers.  Parents and professionals alike know that children that love books will be better readers when they get older.
Roar:  A Big-mouthed Book of Sounds! tells the reader about the sounds six different animals make when they are frightened by another.  Clues on the corner of each page encourage children to guess what it is.  Enjoy the noisy surprise at the end that scares a giant CROAK! out of the green frog.   

 With their eyes and fingers children can explore the large, bright pictures and the die-cut holes throughout.  Toddlers will enjoy helping to “read” by following along with the animal sounds in Roar: A Big-mouthed Book of Sounds!, by finding the shape holes in Snap: A Peek-through Book of Shapes, and by finding each of the owls to count in Hoot:  A Hide-and-Seek Book of Counting. 

The sturdy board book format and smaller size will encourage and enable small children to explore the books on their own, as well as through parent-child interactions.  The clearly printed text flows along and is easy to follow with tiny fingers.  Lots of rhyming words and strong vocabulary tell fun stories that children can relate to. 

 Find these board books and so much more in Virginia Beach Public Libraries!


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