Friday, January 16, 2015


by Richard Egielski


"One morning Buz, a bug was eaten along with a spoonful of cornflakes.  'Buzzz?' " said Buz.

So begins the quirky story Buz by Richard EgielskiWe watch in a combination of horror and disgust as our main character is eaten by a boy and goes down the hatch.  While Buz is able to avoid being mashed by the boy's molars, the boy's doctor prescribes pills to try to solve the problem.  As the pills are tracking him down Buz encounters strange, bright lights and interesting hiding places.  Read this hilarious, action-packed story to discover the surprise conclusion! 

This literal view of "catching a bug" is captivating.  Minimal text makes for fast-paced reading.  Full page, colorful illustrations trigger curious thoughts about what really goes on inside our bodies when we get sick.   

Best for kids ages 4+ Buz really lends itself to being told over and over again.  Children need practice remembering and telling stories in order to build comprehension skills.  This book, because of its unique perspectives in text and in pictures, really invites conversations and questions. 

After reading this, if your child wants to read more about bugs, you’ll find some fantastic non-fiction books in our VBPL catalog.  On your next visit to your local library be sure to ask staff where you can find youth nonfiction.  Try Extreme Pets:  Bugs by Sue L. Hamilton , Ask a Bug by D.K., or Biggest Bugs:  Life-size by Beccaloni.



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