Friday, November 07, 2014

The Fisher King directed by Terry Gilliam

Have you ever made a mistake so terrible that you couldn’t imagine a way to make up for it? After the death of Robin Williams this past summer, I started thinking about his many wonderful movies and which ones I like the most. I have to say that my favorite is The Fisher King. I saw it when it was first released in 1991, and it left a tremendous impression on me.

One fateful night at a radio station in New York City, callous, crude shock jock Jack Lucas (Jeff Bridges) makes offhand comments to an unstable caller while trying to be funny. The caller goes over the edge and opens fire inside a bar, killing multiple people. Jack feels responsible for the incident and enters a deep depression that lasts several years. He is on the verge of suicide when he meets Parry (Robin Williams), a former college professor whose wife was one of those murdered by Jack’s caller. Parry, completely unhinged by his wife’s violent death, is now homeless and mentally ill. When Jack realizes that Parry is one of the victims of his tragic lapse in judgment, he sees a path to redemption.

The Fisher King is bold, fanciful, hilarious, touching and uplifting all at the same time. If you enjoy watching Robin Williams in action, turn the tables and try the bawdy movie Good Morning,Vietnam or get creeped out by The Night Listener, two films in which Williams is the one who plays the disc jockey!

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