Thursday, November 13, 2014

Make Space

Read the title of the book and make sure you put the emphasis on "make" and not "space." If you're looking for ideas on creating an area where you are inspired to make things and collaborate and not clear things out, then Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration by Scott Doorley and Scott Witthoft is definitely for you.

I'm sure you can certainly recognize that some spaces that we are in are more inspiring than others. If you sit all day in a gray cubicle with nothing on your desk or walls, I'm betting you're feeling pretty worn out and depressed at the end of the day. But, if you bring in a picture of your wife it makes you feel better, if you take one of your drab cubicle walls and add in a white board to write on you've got a place to put ideas, and if you add in a sculpture of  a skeleton riding a bike, you're grinning even more. (Maybe that last one is just me.)

This book is all about creating furniture, walls, and spaces that encourage people to think out of the box, brainstorm, and do things differently. It's about creating areas where furniture serves multiple purposes and can be reconfigured to be a completely different space. If you want ideas on ways to give people permission to fail as they figure out the best way to do something, this book can help. Ideas for prototyping rooms, places to play as a means to productivity, and simply places to talk together are the main focus. Many of the projects in the book come with plans on how to create the items, so you'll be able to make space even if you are on a budget.

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