Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Teen Read Week Part 2

This week is Teen Read Week @ Your Library!  VBPL is celebrating by bringing you some teen literature recommendations written by volunteers from the library's Teen Advisory Group.

The Dark Lord: The Early Years

The Dark Lord arises in the middle of a parking lot. He has no clue how he got there or why he can’t activate his dark powers. He is surrounded by puny, weak mortals and later finds out that he has become one too. His fangs, his claws, his everything evil have been replaced with the body of an adolescent boy called Dirk Lloyd. With no powers as evidence to his claim, is Dirk really a dark lord or a delusional boy? Find out by reading this insanely hilarious book by Jamie Thomson. Read Dark Lord: The Early Years!

-Abriel, Teen Volunteer-

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan is a great mix of mythology and teen fiction.  Percy and his friends go through an amazing adventure while the reader learns small bits of Greek mythology.  This book leaves you wanting more and there is more: a whole series and a spin-off.

-Mara, Teen Volunteer-

Are you a fan of science fiction?  Then READ ME!  Step aside Maximum Ride, Katniss and Tris! Make room for Maisie ‘Danger’ Brown, a one handed Latina with dreams of being a future astronaut. Born in a tight ‘shoebox’ home, La Peligrosa (Maisie) longs to explore the one thing she can never reach: outer space. Her ticket out of the mundane Salt Lake City? A cereal box with a promise! However, astronaut boot camp isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be. Things like saving the world? Being a hero? Falling in love along the way? Wowza, it sure didn’t mention this on the back of a cereal box! Now Maisie is the one person able enough to save our world with a team that's ready to take bullets for her standing at her side. Dangerous is true to its name. You’ll get paper cuts from flipping through the pages too fast! With well developed, heart-felt characters and action on each page, Dangerous is a must read!

If you liked reading this then be sure to read: The100 by Kass Morgan.

-Kenya, Teen Volunteer-

Divergent by Veronica Roth is about a dystopia where everyone is sorted.  With one good trait, they lose another.  But a few people are divergent, which means they don't fit in any group.  This story follows a girl who breaks the boundaries of the five factions that they have.  

-Mara, Teen Volunteer-

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