Thursday, October 02, 2014

Homemade Doughnuts: Techniques and Recipes for Making Sublime Doughnuts in Your Home Kitchen by Kamal Grant

This happens to be one of those books where the cover shouted to me “Pick me up, look at me!!” Not one to ignore such a plea, I did as directed and was immediately seduced by the yummy confections depicted inside.

Kamal Grant, owner and chef of Sublime Doughnuts in Atlanta, has compiled a delectable doughnut cookbook which includes clear and easy directions for various doughnut-making techniques, dough preparation for yeast, cake and other types of doughnuts, as well as recipes for a variety of awesome glazes, icings and fillings. How does lemon-thyme glaze sound? Or maybe orange with Grand Marnier glaze? Does German chocolate icing or coffee custard filling speak to you? In addition, several pages are devoted to assorted toppings that will turn this fried delicacy into one serious doughnut. Be sure to check out the gluten-free cake doughnut recipe on page 52.

If you are now craving a doughnut then I will have done my job. Search VBPL’s catalog and treat yourself to Homemade Doughnuts.

But why stop at doughnuts? Be further inspired by creating some amazing and unique ice cream sandwiches from recipes shared by Coolhaus founders Natasha Case and Freya Estreller in their architecture-inspired book, Coolhaus Ice Cream Book. Or take a look at the mouth-watering treats beautifully depicted in the cookbook, The Soda Fountain: Floats, Sundaes, Egg Creams & More, by Gia Giasullo and Peter Freeman, the co-founders of Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain. Need a little something savory to counterbalance the sweets? Try Wieners Gone Wild!: Out-of-the-Ballpark Recipes for Extraordinary Hot Dogs by Holly Schmidt where frankfurters take on a whole new dimension.

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