Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Leonardo, the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems

In Leonardo, the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems, poor Leonardo wants nothing more than to scare the tuna salad out of someone. Unfortunately he is a truly terrible monster. No matter how hard he tries, he does not scare anyone. To rectify this sad state of affairs, he researches all the kids in the world and finds Sam, who is the biggest scaredy-cat of them all. 

After sneaking up on Sam and making him cry, Leonardo thinks he has finally achieved his dream. Sam lets him know in no uncertain terms that he is crying because he’s had a really bad day and not because he was scared.

Leonardo decides that maybe it is better to be a good friend than a terrifying monster and gives Sam a hug. This heartwarming picture book has very simple illustrations on large pages that are fun to look at with a child. The monsters in the book are all silly and spark the interests of monster-loving kids.

Search the VBPL catalog for Leonardo, the Terrible Monster and other books by Mo Willems. Children who enjoy this picture book might also like The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt.

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