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Spooky & Bright: 101 Halloween Ideas

Spooky and Bright: 101 Halloween Ideas 

from the editors of Country Living

The other day I was talking with my 8 year old granddaughter and she announced that Halloween is her favorite holiday.  I thought it unusual that an 8 year old would choose Halloween over Christmas so I asked her why.  She said it is because it is okay to go around all day dressed up however she wants, people give her candy, the decorations, and she can run around outside after dark with the other kids who are also in their costumes.  I have to say I totally agree with her reasoning.  As an adult I would also like to add the facts that you don't go into debt buying gifts and it is the kind of holiday that if you choose not to participate you wouldn't be called a Grinch.

That being said you are probably thinking of your glow-in-the-dark skeleton and plastic plug-in jack-o-lanterns tucked away.  How about adding something a little different this year?  Spooky & Bright is full of ideas from elegant to humorous.  There are several options for pumpkins from the multiple carved pumpkin creations to painted or decoupaged ones.  My favorite is the pale blue-green painted pumpkin with cobwebby looking black lace.  For inside decorations I like the glow-in-the-dark rubber eyeball wreath, the bouquet of roses made from black crepe-paper, and the ghost in the mirror.  There are enough ideas using birds and bats to scare Hitchcock.  But what is Halloween without the sweet treats?  There are ideas for spiderweb cupcakes, ghostly white chocolate covered apples, and a very clever x-ray cake.

While there are patterns and limited instruction in the back of the book, the ideas are all basic enough. Most people with some crafting experience should have no problem creating their own eerie decorations.

Other books to help you haunt your holiday:

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Halloween: A Grown-ups Guide to Creative Costumes, Devilish Decor, & Fabulous Festivities by Joanne O'Sullivan

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